11-13 May 2018.
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By Active in Style

Active in Style give us the low-down on the bold, new brands we need to watch out for this year. Featuring some of the most exciting arrivals in fitness and lifestyle fashion, these names will be a welcome addition to your wardrobe.
We don’t mean to toot our own trumpet, but we’ve always been known for bringing the world’s most sought after activewear labels to the UK – some are even exclusive to us. Yes, that means you could be one of only a few wearing styles you can’t find anywhere else in London, and beyond. Unearthing emerging, and household names in other countries is our jam, and with the activewear scene on fire of late, we are taking our jobs very seriously when it comes to ensuring you’re ahead of the fit fashion game.
We’ve gathered a round-up of the new names you need to know about – and get wearing…

XO Active
Fresh out of New York, via Sydney, this lustrous new label is 100% exclusive to Active in Style. You won’t find any of their styles anywhere else in the UK or Europe. The athleisure pieces featured in their current range will take you from workout to brunch in effortless style. With khaki and wet-look fabrics high on the radar, we can’t stop obsessing over their serious autumnal colour palette.

The hottest new addition to the fitfam is launching any day now. If you haven’t heard of Athletic Propulsion Lab before, they are, simply put, the most badass kicks in town. These guys are literally the manufacturers of the world’s finest athletic footwear and they have every hot celeb in town wearing it. Founded by two 23-year-old twins from San Fran, their brand is all about the intersection of technology, performance and fashion, enabling athletes to maximize their potential in all aspects of life. Side note: they engineered a shoe that literally makes you jump higher (proven, as they were banned from the NBA). You can read more here.

Since launching Active in Style some two and a bit years ago, KORAL was always at the top of our list in the athleisure fashion stakes. The epitome of sport-luxe fashion, KORAL is known in the biz to push the boundaries when it comes to fabrication of their out-of-this-world leggings that suck, tuck and make you feel unstoppable. The Lustrous Legging has been worn by every supermodel you can think of, likely thanks to their ‘every style’ appeal, whether you are jumping on a long-haul flight, running to the shops, meeting the girls for coffee or working out.

Bringing some craziness to the Active in Style squad, Terez are our ‘most fun’ brand on the block. Coming to you from New York, this unique brand specialises in bespoke prints and one-of-a-kind designs that you won’t find anywhere else. With 3D, almost-real-life designs, these are leggings that will be the pop of positivity you desperately need on those Monday morning workouts. Best worn with more subdue tanks and tops in tonal colours, Terez will let your legs do the talking… and walking.

P.E. Nation 
With a cult following in Australia, P.E. Nation is the brainchild of two mega Aussie babes, and well-known designers. With all-round cool chick, Pip Edwards, fronting the label, we instantly knew we would be in for a treat when she announced she was making a foray into activewear. Taking us back to our school yard days, designs are inspired by physical education, a.k.a., P.E., with sleek looks in primary and bold colours, use of elastication and feminine, fitted designs.

Being the first retailer to stock these amazing sports bags, we were bowled over by their all-round uniqueness in L.A of late. Now, we are the first to admit that active accessories can take any look to the next level, and when mixed with serious practicality and functionality, it’s a win-win. Hailing from Hong Kong, Transience are not your average everyday backpack or carry all, but they are one brand that is taking bags to a totally new level, and we are all for that.

The answer to getting your daily dose of H20 in serious style – S’well drink bottles are 9oz of perfection! They are beautifully crafted, composed of non-leaching, non-toxic 18/8 stainless steel and keep your drinks cold for 24 hours, or hot for 12! How versatile?! Perfect for all seasons, and good for you and the environment.

In other news...

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