12-14 May 2017.
Old Truman Brewery,

The Market

The Market should be your first port of call for all the latest innovations and trends across food, fitness and wellness. Housing all the best brands the industry has to offer, here you’ll get your fill of delights to load up your kitchen cupboards with.

Munch your way round a selection of tasty food stalls, each loaded with wholesome and nutritious ingredients. Of course, no market can be without fresh produce and, with nut butters galore, decadent raw chocolate, tea, cakes and juice as far as the eye can see, you can be certain that this market experience will feed a lot more than your curiosity. And, if you’re feeling extra indulgent, why not grab a glass of bubbly from the prosecco bar. We know how to treat you the Balance way!

Abakus Foods

Ape Snacks


Ārepa, New Zealand’s First Mental Clarity Drink. Caffeine-free, all-natural, antioxidant formula clears the mind, soothes anxiety and supports brain and body function. Teamed with world renown neuroscientists, Ārepa spent four years of R&D to create a revolutionary new formula that combines science and nature, to support mental clarity. Using only natural extracts from Green tea, NZ Pine bark and Blackcurrants which are taking over the neuroscience scene!


Botanic Lab

Califia Farms


At Chi we are passionate about making healthy products that are full of goodness and taste delicious. The Chi range includes: Coconut Waters, Coconut Milks and Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. All of our products are 100% natural, high in potassium and packed with electrolytes, which keep the body rehydrated, vibrant and healthy.

Deliciously Ella

Elspeth Kitchen

Escape and Bake

Escape & Bake creates delicious indulgent healthy treats which are refined sugar-free, gluten-free and dairy-free, made from completely whole and natural ingredients.  We create anything from healthy peanut & caramel chocolate bars to extravagant celebration cakes, with Paleo and Vegan treats available too. Being healthy doesn't mean you have to miss out on your favourite treats.

Freddie's Flowers

Giving Tree

Our innovative range of all-natural, preservative-free fruit and vegetable crisps undergo a combination of freeze-drying and vacuum frying to ensure maximum nutrients and superior taste. Rich in antioxidants, potassium and fibre, they are a convenient way of reaching your 5-a-day.

Hackney Herbal

Hackney Herbal is a social enterprise promoting wellbeing through herbs. We specialise in creative workshops and events which connect and inspire people around the extensive uses of herbs. We grow herbs in a patchwork of sites around Hackney creating unique herbal tea blends. The sale of these fund our community based mental health and wellbeing projects in Hackney.

Heck Sausages


At INVO, we are a little obsessed with coconuts… When you’re onto something this good, you make it the center of your universe. This is why we decided to set up shop where no one else has, as close as we could to the source: Thailand’s coconut groves. Here, we are able to bottle and Cold Pressure Protect Nam Hom coconut water within hours, to capture the unmistakable energy of the freshly cracked coconut in its purest form.

J.F.Rabbit's Veg Water

Lalani & Co

Lalani & Co London are the specialists in craft organic matcha. Lalani & Co Matcha Gold is picked in the spring season only, from family run organic farms, and stone milled in the traditional method to give a superior flavour. Their bamboo whisks are made by craftsmen with 15 generations of experience, and matcha bowls are made by local British ceramic makers.

Mindful Bites

Mindful Chef



Ombar makes raw, organic chocolate with all natural ingredients and none of the nasties. We’ve taken conventional chocolate,  pulled it apart, thrown out the bad stuff, and created a healthier, tastier chocolate bar. Made with raw cacao and live cultures, and free of refined sugar and dairy, Ombar is chocolate you can feel good about.

Ozone Coffee Roasters

Pana Chocolate

Pic’s Peanut Butter

Pip & Nut


For those living at 110% it's important to fuel your body with intelligent nutrition. Devised by nutrition experts our organic cold-pressed juices, probiotic waters and dairy-free nut m*lks are designed to fuel your ambition.

Pollen & Grace

Primal Pantry

Founded by nutritionist Suzie Walker, The Primal Pantry is the UK’s 1st Paleo Bar. Armed with nothing more than her kitchen blender, dried fruit and nuts, Suzie embarked upon a mission to create the perfect Paleo bar. Her taste testers were impressed and The Primal Pantry was born! 5 primal bars in the range and 2 new Protein bars containing up to 21% protein. Free from gluten, grains, dairy, GMOs, soy and refined sugar. Suitable for vegans, vegetarians and cavemen (and women).

Pure Blend Co

Raw Culture Co

Raw Press

Rebel Kitchen

Rolla Granola

Rollagranola make food so good you can’t resist it- Food porn without the guilt.  A small business operating from a bespoke site in Hertfordshire making premium granola with a high nut content, free from wheat, refined sugar and anything artificial we have options that are paleo/gluten free, vegan and without added sugar.  Be prepared to put your preconceptions aside- this stuff is great, if you don’t believe us have a look at what the people on Instagram are saying.

Saf Life

Sibberi Tree Water


STRIPPD is a new range of premium Whey and Vegan protein powders and supplements that are designed especially for women. Created to support a healthy, balanced lifestyle STRIPPD products can help women of all ages improve their overall wellbeing, boost their energy and vitality, strengthen their muscles and bones and nourish their skin, hair and nails!

Taiki Tea

The Coconut Collaborative

Behold! We are The Coconut Collaborative. We're on a mission to make dairy free delicious, with our range of yogurts, frozen yogurts (we call them Snowconuts!), and desserts, made from the milk of the coconut. Visit stand F84 for a taste of our coconutty offerings, and let us take you to the tropics.


Vita Coco

We Are Tea

London based We Are Tea is independent, ethical and award-winning. On a mission to democratize and un-complicate speciality tea, we have an extensive range of blends with 49 Great Taste Awards behind them. We believe fine tea leaves weren’t made to be crushed – that’s why all our teas are purely whole-leaf. Available as loose leaf or in bio-degradable teabags.