12-14 May 2017.
Old Truman Brewery,

Abakus Foods

Stand: B08

Acai Activewear

Stand: W13

Ace Hotel London

Stand: F28

Active In Style

Stand: W14-W20, W2

Active Man

Stand: W14-W20, W2

Another Space

Stand: Another Space Studio

Ape Snacks

Stand: F50B


Stand: F03B
Ārepa, New Zealand’s First Mental Clarity Drink. Caffeine-free, all-natural, antioxidant formula clears the mind, soothes anxiety and supports brain and body function. Teamed with world renown neuroscientists, Ārepa spent four years of R&D to create a revolutionary new formula that combines science and nature, to support mental clarity. Using only natural extracts from Green tea, NZ Pine bark and Blackcurrants which are taking over the neuroscience scene.

Artic Power Berries

Stand: B02

Balanced Lifestyle and Wellbeing Journal

Stand: B03
A reference manual, personal mentor and confidant, the Journal motivates you towards wellbeing and a balanced lifestyle. Packaged with colouring pencils to create a regular visual display of progress, the 365 undated daily pages include yoga poses and inspirational thoughts. Features include tips on health, wellbeing, mindfulness and lifestyle, a nutrition and physical activity tracker, goal setter, appointment planner and private thoughts section.

Balanced Tourist

Stand: B01
When you leave home you shouldn't have to leave your healthy lifestyle behind. Balanced Tourist's on the go essentials are tailored to maintain your natural energy and nutrition needed all conveniently boxed up and delivered to your door - Come visit us at stand B01.

Bare Origin

Stand: W29

Barry's Bootcamp

Stand: Barry’s Bootcamp Studio

bee me

Stand: T04
bee me offers a 100% natural "beelosophy" with an award-winning, low-fat product, buzzing service and a machine you never have to clean. The bee me machine makes 250 portions an hour of any flavour with NO noise, NO wastage, NO cleaning and perfect portion control. The ideal solution for cafe’s, restaurants, offices, cinemas, schools and leisure centres. Available in over 500 locations across the UK, Ireland and Germany.


Bella Kinesis

Stand: W23
Bella Kinesis is an ethical women's sportswear brand. For each item we sell, we fund a business education for a woman in rural India. Made in Britain.


Stand: F48b
Bloomon is an online flower delivery service, bringing happiness through flowers. On repeat. One bouquet at a time.

BOOM Cycle

Stand: Boom Cycle Studio

Botanic Lab

Stand: F67B
Pioneers of the cold-pressed drinks industry, Botanic Lab have rewritten the rulebook with their use of the finest botanicals to create potent, functional drinks with unique flavour profiles.

Boys of Yoga

Bulldog Edition Ace Hotel

Ace Hotel London's neighborhood café with coffee by ​​the near-obsessive magicians at Square Mile Coffee and sandwiches, salads, pastries, cakes and doughnuts (with a very devoted following) by Executive chef Simon Gregory.

Califia Farms

Stand: F62


Stand: T06
At Chi we are passionate about making healthy products that are full of goodness and taste delicious. The Chi range includes: Coconut Waters, Coconut Milks and Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. All of our products are 100% natural, high in potassium and packed with electrolytes, which keep the body rehydrated, vibrant and healthy.

Chic P

Stand: F68B


Stand: W10

Deliciously Ella

Stand: F59b
We believe in creating delicious, natural food, which celebrates what you can do with great plant based ingredients. Our Energy Balls are a delicious on-the-go snack, made from no more than six natural ingredients and free from additives, gluten, dairy and refined sugar.


At delve, our mantra is to awaken and empower our members through enriching experiences and curated events. Our experiences give like-minded individuals the chance to learn something new and feel inspired. We partner up with experts, from master sommeliers to Neurologists and art directors, to deliver inspirational and thought-provoking experiences in some of London’s most aspirational and exclusive venues.


Stand: WLK02
Imagine a Mexicana mama moved to New York and decided life wasn’t half bad, so she started to mix up her tasty Mexican comfort food with some modern US influences. There you have DF/Mexico.


Stand: W31

Elspeth Kitchen

Stand: F49B
Elspeth’s Kitchen – Your No.1 Artisan Dessert Specialist; creating beautiful slices of nature with wholesome natural ingredients. Free from gluten, wheat, dairy, soya & refined-sugar. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Emily Crisps

Stand: F05
Emily Crisps, is a UK start-up that focuses on good eating without compromises.  Our goal is simple: to change the way people eat for the better, and most importantly, the tastier.


Escape and Bake

Stand: F27
Escape & Bake creates delicious indulgent healthy treats which are refined sugar-free, gluten-free and dairy-free, made from completely whole and natural ingredients.  We create anything from healthy peanut & caramel chocolate bars to extravagant celebration cakes, with Paleo and Vegan treats available too. Being healthy doesn't mean you have to miss out on your favourite treats.


Stand: F89


Stand: F45 Studio

Freddie's Flowers

Stand: F04

Hackney Herbal

Stand: W30
Hackney Herbal is a social enterprise promoting wellbeing through herbs. We specialise in creative workshops and events which connect and inspire people around the extensive uses of herbs. We grow herbs in a patchwork of sites around Hackney creating unique herbal tea blends. The sale of these fund our community based mental health and wellbeing projects in Hackney.

Heck Sausages

Stand: F17
Flavour you can swear by!

I am by Nature

Stand: W28


Stand: F09
At INVO, we are a little obsessed with coconuts… When you’re onto something this good, you make it the centre of your universe. This is why we decided to set up shop where no one else has, as close as we could to the source: Thailand’s coconut groves. Here, we are able to bottle and Cold Pressure Protect Nam Hom coconut water within hours, to capture the unmistakable energy of the freshly cracked coconut in its purest form.

J Lindeberg

Stand: W04+W05
J.Lindeberg is an INTERNATIONAL LIFESTYLE BRAND FOR THE MODERN WORLD. It dares to stand for something; it has a voice and its values speak directly to the JL community — ACTIVE, AWARE INDIVIDUALS who cannot be defined within traditional, narrow categories.

J.F.Rabbit's Veg Water

Stand: F68B


Stand: W12
Jilla was created to provide a more refined activewear range which combines style with comfort. Inspired by the calming elements of nature, Jilla is British designed activewear that embodies versatile and timeless pieces. Specialising in seamless technology and working with soft natural fibres such as bamboo, our activewear is constructed with four way stretch which provides a supported fit.

Juice A Day

Stand: F02B
Juice A Day cold press exotic fruits and garden greens to create unique juices to harmonise your wellbeing. An elevated health experience with no added sugar, concentrates, purees or preservatives.

Just Bee

Stand: F76
Just Bee is a refreshing spring water drink, deliciously infused with fruits and natural sweetness from a drop of honey. No refined sugar, nothing artificial and less than 50 calories!


Stand: F71A


Stand: F59A

La Marzocco

Stand: T09

Lalani & Co

Stand: F07
When it comes to stone-milled organic matcha and beautifully crafted single-batch teas, Lalani & Co are the experts; working closely with organic, family run gardens across the world.

Liqui Design

Lorna Jane

Stand: W02+W03

Mindful Bites

Stand: F68A

Mindful Chef

Stand: F18
Mindful Chef make healthy eating easy! Their delicious recipe boxes ensure their customers have the tools to conveniently eat high-quality, nutritious meals that help them feel far healthier and happier. They do this by delivering good-for-you ingredients to your door for you to cook and enjoy.


Stand: F12


Stand: S2, T12A, W01
Neat Nutrition provides a range of protein and supplements, built from a desire for high quality ingredients, simple design and most importantly a great tasting natural product that’s for every lifestyle.


Stand: F85


Stand: F74
Ombar makes raw, organic chocolate with all natural ingredients and none of the nasties. We’ve taken conventional chocolate,  pulled it apart, thrown out the bad stuff, and created a healthier, tastier chocolate bar. Made with raw cacao and live cultures, and free of refined sugar and dairy, Ombar is chocolate you can feel good about.


Stand: F53
Oppo make an award winning healthy ice cream with 60% less sugar than other brands and just 39 calories a scoop.


Stand: W39
We're Optiat, the nature-friendly beauty company. We give new life to ingredients that would otherwise be discarded. We believe in creating quality, non-toxic beauty products using skin-loving, natural ingredients.

Ozone Coffee Roasters

Stand: F13

Pana Chocolate

Stand: F47A
Pana Chocolate is raw, organic and handmade, free from dairy, soy and gluten with no refined sugar. Everyone, regardless of dietary requirements, can enjoy the variety of chocolate we make.

Pic’s Peanut Butter

Stand: B10

Pip & Nut

Stand: F69


Stand: F79
For those living at 110% it's important to fuel your body with intelligent nutrition. Devised by nutrition experts our organic cold-pressed juices, probiotic waters and dairy-free nut m*lks are designed to fuel your ambition.

Pollen & Grace

Stand: F32


Stand: T13A

Primal Pantry

Stand: F10
Founded by nutritionist Suzie Walker, The Primal Pantry is the UK’s 1st Paleo Bar. Armed with nothing more than her kitchen blender, dried fruit and nuts, Suzie embarked upon a mission to create the perfect Paleo bar. Her taste testers were impressed and The Primal Pantry was born! 5 primal bars in the range and 2 new Protein bars containing up to 21% protein. Free from gluten, grains, dairy, GMOs, soy and refined sugar. Suitable for vegans, vegetarians and cavemen (and women).

Pure Blend Co

Stand: F48A
We blend seriously delicious pure 100% natural whey and vegan protein blends with ancient raw superfoods. Wholesome. Pure. Nutritious. Helping you look and perform at your best.

Raw Culture Co

Stand: F49a
Raw Culture Co manufacturers a Sparkling Kefir Water beverage made from 100% organic ingredients using traditional and natural processes. Our fermented drink is full of lactic-acid bacteria and is vegan friendly.

Raw Press

Stand: F60A

Rebel Kitchen

Stand: F90
Rebel Kitchen is about a different health message - bold taste, big ethics, no preaching. And it’s starting with coconuts.

Its coconut mylks, yogurts and water are 100% organic, and contain no refined sugar, additives or preservatives. Ever.


Stand: F51
Award-Winning Organic Veg boxes meat and more fresh from our farms delivered free to your door. 

Rolla Granola

Stand: F16
Rollagranola make food so good you can’t resist it- Food porn without the guilt.  A small business operating from a bespoke site in Hertfordshire making premium granola with a high nut content, free from wheat, refined sugar and anything artificial we have options that are paleo/gluten free, vegan and without added sugar.  Be prepared to put your preconceptions aside- this stuff is great, if you don’t believe us have a look at what the people on Instagram are saying.

Saf Life

Stand: F60B
Saf Life was originally born in 2006 out of a passion to help individuals achieve optimum health and well-being through holistic nutrition. Our philosophy is based on the idea to ‘Eat Pure and Nourish your life’.


Stand: F15
Sano - Where Passion for Delicious Food Meets Good Health & Nutritional Science.

Whether you’re interested in our delicious food on the go or joining our online diploma in Culinary Medicine; whether you would like to learn how to create recipes designed to support your health or are looking for a wellness solution for your workplace, Sano is for everyone. 


Stand: W27

Shanti Sundays

Stand: W24
Shanti Sundays is an independent yoga and wellbeing brand designing clothes and relaxtion

accessories that take you from ready to rest in a heartbeat,  helping you tune into that Sunday feeling - every day.

Sibberi Tree Water

Stand: F26
We are Sibberi and we do tree waters: birch water, maple water & bamboo water! Tree waters taste a little sweet and beautifully crisp. They are all naturally hydrating and low in sugar.


Stand: B05


Stand: W08
Born in 1928, Speedo is passionate about life in and around the water. With a history of innovation, fabric world-firsts, and iconic sporting moments. Speedo’s NEW H2O Active range is a fashionable and functional collection of active wear that can be worn both in and out of the water. Redefining active wear for today’s healthy lifestyle seeker, the eco-friendly collection is constructed from chlorine-resistant POWERFLEX ECO fabric. This fabric includes 78% ECONYL® yarn – an innovative nylon fibre made from regenerated plastics including abandoned fishing nets that might otherwise harm animals in the ocean.


Stand: F73
Freshly launched, Strippd offers a range of premium Vegan & Whey protein powders & supplements. Straightforward products containing nothing but the essential & natural super ingredients such as Yerba Mate.

Taiki Tea

Stand: F47b
Taiki Tea is a health and lifestyle driven organic matcha tea company, with a mission to provide a genuine alternative to coffee by offering consumers a similar experience and ritual that is part and parcel of the coffee culture . Taiki (pronounced tah-ee-kee) means “great vitality” and is exactly what you can expect from our organic premium matcha green tea.


Stand: F75


Stand: F52
We are on a mission to get the nation drinking real tea!


The Coconut Collaborative

Stand: F84
Behold! We are The Coconut Collaborative. We're on a mission to make dairy free delicious, with our range of yogurts, frozen yogurts (we call them Snowconuts!), and desserts, made from the milk of the coconut. Visit stand F84 for a taste of our coconutty offerings, and let us take you to the tropics.

The Giving Tree

Stand: T06
Our innovative range of all-natural, preservative-free fruit and vegetable crisps undergo a combination of freeze-drying and vacuum frying to ensure maximum nutrients and superior taste. Rich in antioxidants, potassium and fibre, they are a convenient way of reaching your 5-a-day.

The Vurger

Stand: WLK01
The Vurger Co are grilling up the ultimate 100% plant-based burgers for hungry plant-hunters at Balance Festival. Created with only vegetables, seeds, nuts and legumes, indulgence has never felt so good!

Third Space

Stand: Third Space Studio

Track Mafia


Stand: Tri Yoga Studio


Stand: F33
it's true... it's not easy surviving in the sonoran desert. but the nopal cactus does. and it doesn't just survive, it thrives and even produces a fruit called the prickly pear. from it comes true nopal cactus water, 100% natural hydration, with no added sugar and half the calories of coconut water. and if that wasn't enough it tastes really good too! not bad for something that comes from the desert!


Stand: F91
International Sellers of Chilled Liquid Egg White, Chilled Liquid Whole Egg, Ambient Egg White, Pancake Mix and Chirps - High Protein Egg White Crisps.

Universal Vision

Stand: F70B
Universal Vision offer a range of Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps in various shapes and sizes, including Natural, Ball, Cylinder, Firebowl, Pyramid, and Salt in high quality Grinders and Pouches.


Stand: F66
Made from plant-based food ingredients, Vega® is a range of premium protein and nutritional powders designed to support your active lifestyle and help you to fuel your feel good, one small change at a time.

Vita Coco

Stand: F03A

We Are Tea

London based We Are Tea is independent, ethical and award-winning. On a mission to democratize and un-complicate speciality tea, we have an extensive range of blends with 49 Great Taste Awards behind them. We believe fine tea leaves weren’t made to be crushed – that’s why all our teas are purely whole-leaf. Available as loose leaf or in bio-degradable teabags.

Xavier Athletica

Stand: W11
A luxury athleisure brand exclusively for men. Tailored kit influenced by classic style and authentic craftsmanship. Always appropriate, getting you through the day from home, to work, to the gym.

Xtend Barre

Stand: Xtend Barre Studio

Yogi Bare

Stand: W07
The cupid of Yoga land … Connecting Yogi’s with their soul mat. YOGI BARE is the next breed of yoga brand. Do you dare to be a Yogi Bare?


Stand: B06
Yogi2Me is the first app in the well-tech industry solely focused on providing users with top quality yoga teachers straight to their door. With the Yogi2Me app, busy bees won't struggle anymore to fit yoga into their schedule; they can now choose and book a teacher by watching short bio video to learn yoga anywhere and at any time. It’s the perfect antidote to an on-the-go lifestyle!


Stand: F19, T14