BOOM Cycle - Spin
This isn't indoor cycling, this is BOOM Cycling! It's all about the bike, beats, BOOM!! With the lights down low and candles ignited, the room is transported into a party atmosphere with a world class sound system to rock your socks like it's the weekend all week long.

We use the use of motivational speech to get the class moving to the beat of the music using an exclusive BOOM Cycle format which creates a fun HIIT workout that works your whole body from head to toe.

Each class is said to burn between 400-700 calories, dependent on how hard the individual drives themselves with the resistance (we don't instruct how many turns to make or how high to have the intensity it is purely driven from self motivation).

Refreshments provided by Rebel Kitchen.
per person
30 minutes
Available Spaces: 40
Booked: 8
11:00 - 11:30
Friday 12th May